Women’s Confidence Coaching offers a hybrid of live coaching and self-guided learning where women can learn how to master the art of confidence, wellness, and strategic vision for personal and professional success. Hello, I’m Diana, your coach, and I teach with a trauma-informed and holistic perspective that helps women develop a deeper understanding of themselves, unblock their obstacles, and clear a path for success.

Live interaction with my students is very important to me. Members benefit from weekly live coaching office hours and a monthly live webinar with Q&A. You can also connect with me on Zoom where you can reach out via Zoom chat anytime you have a question. There is a library of self-guided classes and resources that you can use anytime you like in addition to the monthly topic. It’s one of the most value-packed coaching programs that you’ll find.

So, let’s conquer that impostor syndrome, get the motivation flowing, and learn how to deal with the overwhelms and worries that we all naturally have as human beings. I’m here to keep showing up for you as you learn how to show up for yourself. I’ll teach you how to use different holistic tools such as EFT Tapping, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, self-hypnosis, and hypnotic mindset along with so many other wonderful things. I like to keep things accessible, easy to understand, useful for everyday life and relevant to the challenges going on around us.

Join me for a free week of membership, and remember that you can cancel and resubscribe anytime you need to. No pressure!

Can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals!


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