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What’s Unique About the Coaching Programs?

Hello from Diana! I take a unique approach by incorporating almost 20 years of education and practice as a clinician (two Master’s degrees in Psychology and Mental Health and clinical license as a psychotherapist) with my work in hypnotherapy, yoga, TaeKwonDo, acro yoga, and aerial arts such as pole, trapeze, and lyra.

I will teach you new insights about motivation, mindset, and the power of your focused mind as I draw from martial arts philosophy and hypnotic mindset in my coaching classes.

Mind/body/energy approaches are an important part of learning how to connect the head and the heart, internalizing the messaging that you want to embody. 

Learn about the mindset necessary for board breaks, or how to create your sense of “fudo shin” or “immovable mind” which helps with confidence, strategic vision, and achieving goals.

All of the classes and programs are made with the intention of providing people with the education, tools, structure, and inspiration to follow their heart’s desire and greatest good. This is about helping people live to the fullest expression of themselves.

You don’t have to be an athlete to do a mind/body practice. I teach people from every walk of life and any ability level, from simply sitting, standing, walking, or washing the dishes! Let’s do this!!!!

What Customers Are Saying

“I always thought I couldn’t meditate because I thought I had to empty my mind. But now I know how to focus my mind and create thoughts that work for me. And there’s guided meditations and worksheets that help me put it all together.”

“It’s nice being able to log-in and learn how to become more confident and motivated. I like that all the lessons have real life applications. I’m not left trying to figure it out on my own. Diana connects the dots on everything and makes it easy to understand.”

“Emotional eating has always been a struggle for me and now I can get a grip on what I’m dealing with. I can see the different reasons why I do emotional eating. Some of them I can change on my own, and some of them have to do with trauma, which I can work on in therapy now.”

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