Recover from Grief and Loss

find yourself again



Loss can come in many forms, and everyone grieves a loss at some point in life.

Have you experienced any of these:

  • loss of a loved one
  • loss of a pet
  • job loss
  • divorce or relationship breakup
  • caregiver stress and burnout
  • anticipatory grief before the death of a terminally ill loved one
  • unresolved grief from past events
  • loss of lifestyle from economic downturn
  • loss of sense of self from traumatic events
  • losses sustained from illness or trauma


Important losses can cause major disruption in your life, and create a “new normal” for yourself.

Allow Diana to help you to:

  • create meaning in your life again
  • find some stress relief from the pain of loss
  • remember a loved one from a more peaceful place in your heart
  • bounce back from a job loss or divorce
  • learn about yourself, how you want to regroup and move forward
  • create healthier coping skills
  • reconnect with things you want to do
  • trust yourself to keep adapting to life’s changes


Diana will help you:

  • process grief so that you do not get stuck in it
  • create realistic goals for your own progress
  • develop healthy coping skills
  • set healthy boundaries with others as you reorganize your life
  • become resilient and figure out what that means to you
  • understand how¬†stress affects your body
  • learn the role of relaxation in mental and physical health
  • find your path to happiness again
  • feel like yourself again



When people lose a pet they loved dearly, they often don’t realize that it’s OK to grieve just as much as if you lost a human loved one. Pets bring us unique, unconditional love that fill our lives with joy and companionship.

Diana has a special place in her heart, and her therapy practice, for people who need help grieving the loss of a pet.

If you need help recovering from the loss of your treasured pet, please call Diana. She understands and knows how to help you cope.


Having support during difficult times is important to remaining stable and having the ability to cope. Stress, grief, loss, breakups, divorce, job loss, illness, and all sorts of other traumatic events can take you far away from feeling like your normal self. Asking for help is a wise step toward health and stability. You don’t spare yourself a bandage if you’re bleeding. Don’t spare yourself some help if you are hurting emotionally. It matters just as much!


Process Grief

Grieving is a process, not an event, and it can have a positive outcome in the form of resilience. Everyone goes through events that cause them to feel pain, sorrow, and despair. Diana can help you integrate the events that have caused this pain so that you can find a place to put things and be able to function better. Each person has his own pace to moving through grief. If you’re stuck, then give Diana a call so that you can start feeling better as soon as possible.

Bounce Back

When you learn how to bounce back from grief, you can start to enjoy your life again. The “new normal” means learning how to adapt to life, and be grateful for the here and now. Life is full of challenges to which we must adapt. Let Diana help you adjust and adapt to life, and become resilient along the way. You are worth it, and your family is worth it!

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