Procrastination can come from all sorts of different reasons, such as perfectionism, boredom, and feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes we procrastinate because we just don’t know where to start with a project that’s too big. Other times, stress can get in the way of being able to think straight and get organized.┬áPeople who worry about being perfect sometimes don’t want to start a project if they think they can’t do it 100% perfectly. There is a fear of failure because perfection does not really exist. If it does, it’s fleeting.

If you are caught up in negative emotions, you aren’t connecting with the true purpose and meaning of why you need to compete your task. For example, if you are sitting around thinking “I hate doing my taxes,” then you are forgetting about the reward that will come when you complete them. Either you will be happy about getting your refund, or you will be relieved to get the chore done, and pay whatever you need to pay. Think about the relief you will feel. Think about the time you will have to do other things. If you wait until you feel like doing something, such as your taxes, they will never get done because you will probably never feel like doing them. You will probably end up stressed and in a panic because of the last minute tax preparation scramble. Think “reward” instead. In fact, you can even plan a material reward, such as going out to dinner, to jolly yourself along.

If you worry about making mistakes, or you feel overwhelmed and stressed, Diana can help you learn how to approach situations differently so that you can achieve your goals. It’s all about learning to take committed action based on your values. Let Diana teach you how to tame the procrastination monster and get back on track with your life.

by Diana Zilly, MS, MA, LCPC. Diana is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Educator, and former Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Joliet Junior College.

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