Manage Stress and Learn to Relax

experience the health benefits of relaxation



Stress is always going to be a part of life. Do you need help creating some good coping skills?

Here are some things that people do instead of healthy coping:

  • smoke
  • snack too much
  • eat comfort food or junk food
  • watch too much tv
  • withdraw from relationships
  • argue or snap at others
  • freeze up from feeling overwhelmed
  • stop doing things that were previously enjoyed
  • just feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused
  • unable to concentrate or enjoy things

What do you want to do instead? Diana can help you create healthier coping skills that bring you more satisfaction in life.



Does the word “relaxation” sound like a luxury you can’t afford?

Everyone needs to release stress and learn to relax. It’s important for your health.

Relaxation doesn’t have to mean a day at the spa. You can learn to shift gears and feel better in the space of a few minutes.

Diana can help you learn how to:

  • Use mindfulness techniques to quickly shift out of stress mode
  • Trigger the body’s natural relaxation response
  • Activate healthier coping skills
  • Create personal resilience to bounce back
  • Use convenient breathing techniques to calm down
  • Use guided imagery to create healthy thoughts and actions
  • Enjoy life more through goal setting and positive coping skills

And so much more! You can learn techniques that can last you a lifetime! 


Relaxation is not a luxury but a requirement for good health.

The sympathetic nervous system is our hard wiring for the stress response. When we get stuck in stress mode, both the mind and the body continue to function in stress mode. So it is necessary to learn how to trigger the relaxation response that comes from the parasympathetic nervous system. This will help you to:

  • reduce the production of stress hormones
  • reduce the negative thoughts that come from being on high alert
  • ease the body’s digestive system
  • positively affect the immune system
  • reduce chances of heart attack and stroke
  • make it easier to activate healthier coping skills
  • increase your ability to see problems in a more realistic light
  • increase your ability to solve problems by having a more clear and relaxed mind
  • develop more personal resilience and bounce back from stress
  • create and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships



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