Conquer Emotional Eating Habits

learn to live a healthier lifestyle!


Diana can help you deal with your emotional eating triggers while also dealing with the underlying emotional issues that drive the triggers. Here are some common reasons why people do emotional eating:

  • stress, anxiety
  • boredom
  • low self-esteem
  • adult victim of abuse
  • childhood victim of abuse, neglect
  • feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness
  • never feeling good enough
  • old patterns and habits from childhood
  • guilt
  • grief, loss
  • or other negative emotions that have been hanging around for too long


Even people who don’t have emotional eating issues can still need help getting motivated to make healthier habits

Do you have problems with any of these issues?

  • portion control
  • too many helpings of food
  • too much dessert, treats, etc.
  • cravings for sugar or salt
  • diabetic and not following your food plan
  • addicted to soda pop or other sweet drinks, or caffeine
  • snacking during the day or before bed
  • you have one “bad” meal and then you say “to heck with it” for the whole day, or the whole week?
  • you don’t have any motivation to cook
  • you don’t want to eat your veggies
  • you want to eat better but don’t know how to get started?
  • feeling overwhelmed by the idea of “eating healthy”
  • afraid of feeling or being deprived
  • the bag of chips or cookies have control over your mind and body
  • the donuts at the gas station have their own magnetic pull on you

Call Diana today so that she can help you kick these problems and get on track with your healthy eating habits!


Diana will help you:

  • understand how this process works
  • set up realistic goals for your own progress
  • deal with stress and develop healthy coping skills
  • how to gain control over your choices
  • how to feel better and not feel demoralized
  • understand how sugar affects your mind and body
  • deal with being watched by everyone around you who are waiting to see if you are successful this time
  • create family leadership that empowers your loved ones to also be healthier
  • become confident about your ability to maintain your healthy lifestyle



Question: How does it work?

Diana has been working with people for years helping them to understand how the mind and body work, and the role of emotions in our daily choices and habits.

Mindfulness, meditation, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques can help you take what you KNOW you want to do and then actually MAKE it happen.

Diana will teach you how to get started with making healthy habits and getting rid of old, unhealthy ones.

She will help you get emotional distance from unpleasant memories, events, and pain from the past so that you can move forward with confidence.

Question: Will I have to be weighed or count calories?

No, you are not weighed or made to count calories. You will learn to become motivated to eat better, and create goal-oriented plans that help you to take positive, achievable steps toward your own personal definition of success.

Question: What is Diana’s success rate?

This is about your success rate, not Diana’s. You enjoy a quality, comprehensive program, and have support tools to keep good things happening between sessions.

Change comes from within as Diana helps you understand the true source of emotional eating, which is usually rooted in some sort of trauma, such as growing up in a dysfunctional family of origin, or sexual abuse, emotional and/or physical trauma, or a combination of these or other problematic issues. 

When you learn how to understand yourself, then you hold the key to personal growth and you can begin to heal the emotional eating patterns. 

The best part is that therapy, as Diana teaches her clients, is a true learning process, and you can learn to trust yourself to maintain your healthy lifestyle.


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