Workshops and Seminars

Dynamic workshops that teach you to

balance, focus, and achieve your goals



Diana is available to present a customized workshop or seminar to your group.

Popular topics include:

  • Healthy Habits! Get Your Choices Moving in a Healthy Direction!
  • Emotional Eating: Starving out the Anxiety Monster
  • The Power of the Focused Mind
  • Empowered Goal Setting: Get Rid of Procrastination
  • How to Practice Mindfulness: Get Rid of Anxiety
  • The Balanced Self: How to Build Resilience After Major Life Changes
  • Workplace Wellness: From Unproductive to Resilient Workers
  • Workplace Wellness: Getting Through the Day with Healthy Habits
  • Smoking Cessation: A Comprehensive Guide to Lifestyle Transformation

Prior Event Locations:

  • Louis University
  • National-Louis University
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Women You Should Know (WYSK)
  • Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts
  • Sacred Spirit Yoga and Wellness
  • Hammer’s Energy Fitness
  • Joliet Public Library Black Road Branch


Learn how to make healthy habits for a lifestyle makeover!

Make this your day for powerful personal transformation.

Real help, not hype.

You will learn how to:

  • Follow that inner voice that yells at you to make those healthier choices
  • Make realistic goal statements that help you stay on track with your choices
  • Deal with challenging people who undermine your healthy goals
  • Adopt a powerful mindset that you can use in all areas of your life!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this workshop is for you!!!!! 

Call Diana at 630.479.4676 to schedule a workshop for your group.

Emotional Eating: Starving Out the Anxiety Monster

Are you tired of emotional eating? or binge eating?

Are you ready to learn how this really works?

Workshop Outcomes

  • Learn the psychology of emotional eating and where it comes from
  • Understand the role of anxiety in emotional eating
  • Stop blaming yourself and learn how to take control
  • Learn powerful tools that you can start using today to starve out the Anxiety Monster
  • Learn how to make realistic goals that get you started toda

Call Diana at 630.479.4676 to schedule a workshop for your group.

Learn how to use the power of your focused mind to start reaching your goals!

Common goals that you may want to achieve:

  • weight loss
  • stop smoking
  • increase exercise
  • improve sports performance
  • get organized
  • increase work performance
  • become more social or have more dates
  • pass a test
  • earn better grades in school

Call Diana at 630.479.4676 to schedule a workshop for your group.

The Power of the Focused Mind

Joliet Public Library Sponsored Event

Healthy Habits Workshop Kickoff Event 

Hammer’s Energy Fitness

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