Get Rid of Anxiety

learn to live in the here and now!




You can learn how to get rid of anxiety and live in the present moment.

Here are some problems that people have when dealing with anxiety:

  • too much time spent worrying and asking “what if?”
  • feeling unsafe, vulnerable
  • difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • emotional overeating or binge eating
  • people pleasing and worrying about others getting upset
  • feelings of wanting to control things outside your own realm of control
  • shallow breathing, tight chest, can’t breathe or can’t take a deep breath
  • stomach aches, sweating, nervousness
  • everything just feels like too much
  • all-or-nothing types of thoughts
  • panic attacks, whether you are aware of the trigger or not
  • worrying that seems to just get worse




Panic attacks can feel horrible and make you worry about them striking again.

Do you have problems with any of these issues?

  • feeling trapped or overwhelmed
  • history of trauma or abuse (childhood or adulthood)
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of confidence
  • feel like you can never do anything right
  • nothing you do will ever be good enough
  • panic attacks come out of nowhere and terrorize you
  • panic when driving or having left the house
  • problems sleeping or eating
  • relationships are starting to fall apart because of the panic attacks
  • panic attacks are getting in the way of your ability to function and have a good life
  • you started taking anti-anxiety medication but you know this is not solving the problem




Diana will help you:

  • understand what causes anxiety and how to get rid of it
  • set up realistic goals for your own progress
  • deal with stress and develop healthy coping skills
  • how to gain control over your choices
  • how to feel better and not feel demoralized
  • understand how to use mindfulness in order to live in the present moment
  • understand what caused the anxiety and learn how to deal with those issues
  • learn to trust yourself and not worry about future anxiety attacks



Question: How does therapy work?

Diana has been working with people for years helping them to understand how the mind and body work, and the role of emotions in our daily choices and habits. Mindfulness and guided meditation techniques can help you take what you KNOW you want to do and then actually MAKE it happen. Diana will teach you how to get started with making healthy habits and getting rid of old, unhealthy ones. She will help you get emotional distance from unpleasant memories, events, and pain from the past so that you can move forward with confidence.

Question: Will I always need to be on medication? 

Although Diana cannot tell a person to stop taking medication, she can provide therapy that helps a person to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety. She works with you to get to the root of the problem so that you can move forward and enjoy a better quality of life.

Question: Can people really get better or will I always be like this?

Most people wonder if they are hard-wired for experiencing anxiety because they have lived with it for so long. They may have learned it as a coping method in their family of origin. It’s normal to see anxiety in parents and grandparents, and also see it starting up in children. Is anxiety a learned behavior? It is likely a combination of biological predisposition and a strong response to trauma and stress. Sometimes people who have a lot of problems with anxiety also have problems with obsessive compulsive disorder, or skin picking, or hair pulling. Whatever the case may be, you CAN  get better with the right tools and a good therapist to help you. Just take the first step by calling Diana to make an appointment.

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